Thursday, July 26, 2012

Primula Blue Zebra

Jump start your Hort Couture sales in 2013 with one of the most talked about new unique plants. Primula Blue Zebra is exclusive to Hort Couture for the Independent Garden Center and is a remarkable impulse item with its unique look. This Primula has been the talk among the industry. 

We have put this together with many of our other best early Spring items such as our Nemesia PARFUM, Diascia DIVA, Lobularia SNOW GLOBE and other great genetics to offer your SPRING BLING™

Get your benches ready early with appropriate color for an early start to the container gardening season. We have made this easy for the grower and the grower/retailer with our BRANDING MADE SIMPLE approach to shipping your pots, plants and tags to you for easy execution. If you are a retailer, just call on your favorite grower and make sure they know that you want to have BLUE ZEBRA in your store this Spring.

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