Monday, August 25, 2008

Couture Caladiums

One of the most exciting programs we have for 2009 is our Taste of Thailand Caladiums.

Wow! They bring colors and textures to the mixed container that are totally new and exciting.
Chocolates, purples, pure whites and even yellows are part of the new line. These plants were part of the collections of the royal families in Thailand for centuries and only have been known for less than ten years to the outside world. We are very connected to the finest collectors and breeders and have the finest varieties not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also from the criteria of vigor and sun tolerance. Ask you local Hort Couture Grower Network member for more information about this new Caladiums.

We just returned from IGC and FARWEST and I know it sounds like a broken record but we were absolutely blown away with interest. Hort Couture is really something special for the garden retailer. Culinary Couture is destined for greatness in the market. We had nothing but excitement about this program. We are adding several new growers for 2009 that will improve the availability of our products in all markets. According to one of the key note speakers at IGC, we had the busiest booth in the entire show. It is hard to explain the response we get from retailers the first time they see the program and you can see the wheels turning of how they are going to reinvent the way they sell color. Very cool stuff!
Back to the Caladiums, we will have 18 varieties for 2009 and six new patented varieties for 2010. Order early...