Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Hort Couture?

As we prepare to go to the IGC Show in Chicago next week, I feel so energized to spread the word about what HC is doing. We feel that we doing more to make a difference for the IGC than any company in the industry. We just have to translate this to the IGC community. Why Hort Couture? It is a common question and we need to be able to communicate why what we are doing is so important. Times are changing in the industry and right now we need to differentiate more than ever! So here is why I think Hort Couture is a great choice for your company and ever more so, A REVOLUTION!

Hort Couture is dedicated to helping the Independent Garden Retailer be more successful. We are working with plant breeders around the world to keep the best new plants in the independent channel and out of the box stores. This message is resonating with both retailers and breeders to create a cooperation that will help differentiate the IGC from the masses. We are making a difference in this arena and hope that you will consider supporting our company to help make this phenomenon a reality.

Our team is working hard to also change the way that logistics work in our industry to gain competitive advantages for the IGC. We are using innovative shipping methods, packaging and business philosophies to make great plants available to retailers of all sizes. With our Allied Wholesale Grower Network we are creating new distribution channels for our sub brands such as Tres Chic Tropicals, Sunny Succulents and other specialty programs.

The essence of the Hort Couture brand is to create a fun, luxury perceived product line that the consumer will view as “the best”. With upgraded pot sizes, stylish packaging and an amazing collection of unique plants and marketing accessories to make your business successful.

Lastly, we have created something much bigger than a brand. Hort Couture has the great plants and ideas that make our company poised for success, but the idea of a cooperation between growers, breeders, brokers and retailers for a common good has become our purpose.
We hope that you will share in our excitement and make Hort Couture a part of our strategy to differentiate your business from the rest in 2012.