Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Color Trends... Two Colors of the Year Better Than One

Colors trends are for real. You see a new color being touted and all of the sudden it shows up everywhere. For 2012, we first heard that Atomic Tangerine was the Color of the Year. According to Pantone it was! I love the color- bright, happy and attention grabbing. It is great for container gardens as it lights up the area and looks good with lots of colors in combination. We have several plants that border on some shade of Atomic Tangerine but none quite like our new Petunia PANACHE 'Hells Bells'. It screems "atomic tangerine" and is easy to grow, easy to use and a breakthrough in breeding as the FIRST truly orange petunia. We love it and promise that you will too.

A few week later we see the unveiling of another Color of the Year. This time its Boys N Berry. I am not such a big fan of the spelling but I love the color. We also have many plants that have flowers that fit the description of this color. Our Scaevola TOP MODEL is hard to beat for this color and loves the heat and sun. Amazingly the two colors are pretty hot looking together. Was this all part of some grand scheme? Regardless, we have two great color to focus on in merchandising, container design and all facets of our lives for 2012. Enjoy!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Coleus Under the Sea Wins Garden Idol

Friday night was an exciting moment in the history of Hort Couture. It was a watershed moment when the big guys in Horticulture saw us in a new light. When the announcement was made that we had won, the IGC's in the room erupted in applause that the plant from the little guy had won. They realized that we can get great plants that will stay with the independents and that we do not have to sell the same thing as the big box and try to survive on low margins.

It was a great night for Hort Couture, but more importantly, it was a great night for the Independent Garden Centers!