Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Culinary Couture Seeds Ready to Ship

The new Culinary Couture Seed Collection is getting all packaged up and ready to head out to garden centers after the first of the year. We like to call this collection "Heirloom meets Gen X".

Although many of the varieties are classic old European varieties, the packaging and approach makes them seem brand new. To the young consumers that are entering your stores looking for sustainable products, they truly are new!

We have some awesome tomatoes in the seed collection. Green Zebra, Cream Sausage, Purple Russian and Pink Accordian are among our personal favorites.
There are also great melons, unique peppers and maybe the finest mixes of salad greens in the industry. The Culinary Couture mix is very chic.
With the increased interest in home gardening and sustainability, the timing of this is perfect and the packaging makes it exciting and fun. Who said gardening had to look boring!
We are looking forward to expanding our seed offering in the future to include unique flowers and other cool plants. We hope you will give the seeds a try, the minimum is low and the rack display is a good value.
We will have the display at several trade shows this winter for you to see first hand. We only have a limited number of displays for this first year so don't wait too long.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lovin the New Stuff Video

Check out this new video featuring our newest varieties for 2009. Lots of new plants coming in the years to come that will really excite your customers. We have some amazing things in the works for the future.

The genetics that you will see from our company over the next two years will blow away the big boys. Very cool tropicals, cutting edge annuals and a perennial program that will grow leaps and bounds over the next five years.

Enjoy the video...


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Twenty New Plants for 2009

Hort Couture has over 130 new plants for 2009 so picking a Top Ten list is no easy task. We have narrowed it down to twenty. That was not easy. Check out these favorites that will be "classics" for years to come. In more particular order. Try them all!
1. Acalypha 'African Sunset'
2. Alternanthera 'Sommelier Pinot Gris'
3. Coleus 'Bi Polar By Golly'
4. Coleus 'Zesty Zucchini'
5. Impatiens 'Golden Congo Cockatoo'
6. Ipomoea 'Refried Beans'
7. Lobelia 'Magadi Basket Blue'
8. Plectranthus 'Fuzzy Wuzzy'
9. Colocasia 'Blue Hawaii'
10. Caladium 'Lemon Grass'
11. Salvia 'La Crema'
12. Orchid Patio & Garden 'Cosmopolitan'
13. Ajuga 'Planet Zork'
14. Vinca 'Angel Tutu'
15. Mandevilla 'Red Fury'
16. Cordyline 'Caruba Black'
17. Phormium 'Pink Panther'
18. Coleus 'Juicy Lucy'
19. Cordyline 'Mocha Latte'
20. Cuphea 'Purple Nurple'

Unique varieties that will shine in the mixed container. Make Hort Couture you choice for the beset new varieties for Spring 2009. Call you local grower for availability. Its time to plan your Spring. Don't wait to see what is available in season, work with your local growers to plan for the best Spring ever!