Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunny Succulents

Succulents are hot right now. Pick up any garden magazine or plant catalog and there they are. Hort Couture has one of the finest collections in the plant industry. With one of the most developed unrooted programs in the world supporting our program, our line has breadth and unique varieties.

Our SUNNY SUCCULENTS offer named varieties with nationwide shipping in a 9cm (3.33") branded containers with our Lady Couture tags. These plants work well when merchandised with programs like Rock Stars, Stepables or Jeepers Creepers. They are irresistably cute little plants that gardeners love.

We are debuting a new product for 2009. The Sunny Succulent Sampler is a great gift for the gardener that blurs the line between plant and gift in a way that is very new and exciting.

We will have some interesting exclusive varieties in the years to come that will make our program unique in the market. Our industry is just scratching the surface of the potential these plants have. Green Roofs are now very untilitarian but could become great architectural and artistic palettes in the future.

I am very interested in what kinds of sales and programs retailers are doing with succulents. Are you selling succulents? Are they assortments or by variety? Does this matter to you? Do you think having these in a branded program with good POP would increase sales? Where do you think the retail price points should be for a product like this? Let me know. Hort Couture really wants to use this blog forum to learn what you (our customers)think.
Succulents could be a big growth area for you next Spring. I think we have made it very easy to enter into the market with our easy to order program with nationwide shipping. Make up some awesome mixed containers and then merchandise our pots around them with a nice Sunny Succulent Sign to top it all off. Give it a try! Offer a discount on ten plants or more to promote purchasing for mixed pots.
Let me know what you think!