Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fresh Fusion Salad Mixes

Our collection of salad greens are trendy and oh so delicious. Here are the mixes available for 2011.

Asian Stir Fry is a gorgeous, easy to grow mix that is perfect for fresh salads, stir fry or saute.
Contains: Pak Choi New Nabai 25%, Mustard Green Wave 25%, Mustard Mizuna 25%, Swiss Chard Prima Rossa 25%.

Culinary Couture™ Mesclun Mix is a sophisticated, earthy mix that is great with red meats, seafood and hearty recipes.
Contains: Chervil Curled 20% , Arugula Rocket 20%, Lettuce Speckles 20%,Endive Batavian 20%, Spinach Hellcat 10%, Swiss Chard Prima Rossa 10%

Going Green™ Mix is a light combination of lettuces with a punch of smokey European greens to infuse a great taste combination.

Contains Butternut Buttercrunch 24%, Lettuce Simpson Elite 22%, Lettuce Green Wave 21%, Arugula Rocket 11%, Chicory Rossa di Verona 11%, Endive Batavian 11%

Soul Food Salad™ Collard Mix is a hearty southern green with must a hint of Arugula and red lettuce to give it color and a softer taste.
Contains: Collard Georgia Southern 65%, Arugula Rocket 10%, Lettuce Speckles 25%

C’est la Vie Corn Salad Mache is a great combination of this lovely mild French green with colorful red lettuce and the texture and punch of a hint of kale. PICTURED.

Contains: MixCorn Salad Mache 40%,Lettuce Red Sails 30%,Kale Red Russian 30%

Urban Jungle Mix™ is a lettuce lovers dream. Specialty lettuce in a perfect percentage to give this a wonderfully fresh taste.
Contains: Lettuce Butternut Buttercrunch 15%, Lettuce Cimmaron 17% , Lettuce Green Wave 17%, Lettuce Red Sails 17%, Lettuce Simpson Elite 17%, Lettuce Speckles 17%

The new FRESH FUSION MIXES from Culinary Couture are going to be a big hit in 2011 with gardeners and cooks alike!