Monday, January 30, 2012

Coleus Under the Sea Wins Garden Idol

Friday night was an exciting moment in the history of Hort Couture. It was a watershed moment when the big guys in Horticulture saw us in a new light. When the announcement was made that we had won, the IGC's in the room erupted in applause that the plant from the little guy had won. They realized that we can get great plants that will stay with the independents and that we do not have to sell the same thing as the big box and try to survive on low margins.

It was a great night for Hort Couture, but more importantly, it was a great night for the Independent Garden Centers!

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Anonymous said...

we highly anticipated the arrival of our hort couture coleus only to be very disappointed with them. They do not seem to be a very hardy coleus and ones that we had purchased over a month ago still have not grown. We have used various fertilizers, etc, and also have moved them inside of our greenhouse to see if there was any difference. None!!! What a huge disappointment!!!!!