Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best of 2012

There are so many great new plants in our offering for 2012, We have put together the very best assortment of new plants in the industry. No other company comes close in 2012! Here are our picks for the "MUST HAVE" varieties from Hort Couture for this Spring.

1. Coleus UNDER THE SEA 'Langostino'- the leaves are big and amazing on this variety, the whole series is really fun... very cool stuff!

2. Bacopa BOUTIQUE 'Tie Dye White'- there has never been a new bacopa that spices things up like this one. The flowers are big with an outlandish eyezone that makes them pop. Excellent grower!

3. Petunia PANACHE 'Hells Bells'- get out the sunglasses for this new orange petunia. In comparison, there has never been an orange petunia before.

4. Cordyline CENTERPIECE 'Flamingo Road'- a new Ti Plant from our Tres Chic Tropical collection. A thriller beyond compare for the container garden.

5. Lobularia SNOW GLOBE- a most diminutive form of vegetative Alyssum. Won't devour the other plants in baskets in the Spring. This variety is great in the landscape all Summer!

6. Coleus UNDER THE SEA 'Molten Coral'- a standout in trials this past year. The neon orange color comes to life in combinations and the compact habit is perfect for the grower. Wow!

7. Alocasia 'Nile High'- imagine the combination of a giant Elephant Ear with an African Mask type Alocasia... this is Nile High! Every IGC needs to have this in stock next Spring!

8. Petunia PANACHE' Pink Provocateur'- very sophisticated new petunia that lights up a garden. Superb performance in many applications. Electric Pink!

9. Lantana SOUTH BEACH 'Compact Bullion'- our Lantana are simply the best in the world. The addition of this very bright and tight variety takes the series to a new level!

10. Calibrachoa KIMONO 'Hot Pink'- we had very limited production last year but plenty this year of the genetic breakthrough in Calibrachoa... a standout variety!

It is hard to stop at just ten with other great new plants like Petunia PERFECTUNIA 'Peachy Keen' and Coleus UNDER THE SEA 'Hermit Crab' not listed here. We are working hard to keep the best new plants at the local garden center. If you are an IGC, it is so important that we differentiate our plants so we have something better and different than the big box. If you are a consumer reading this, please support small business!

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

Hort Couture was a flop for us this year!! Was it the grower that we purchased them from because in the past years when we got them from Canada they were an amazing addition to our annual selections!