Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stacking Up Profits

Historically, shipping Tropicals north of the Mason Dixon line can be questionable. Plants damaged, crushed, broken and bruised is more the rule than the exception.
Hort Couture Plants has developed a shipping system that corrects the problems normally associated with shipping Tropicals from Florida.

We call this packaging system: STACKABLES.
96" Tall Pallet
(3) 32" Layers

The Stackables™ System is a truly revolutionary method to move Tropicals from Florida to your store, regardless of where you are located in the United States. Traditional shipments require 2-3 weeks after delivery to prepare the Tropicals to be retail-ready. With the Stackables System you essentially unpack the Tropicals, price them, and display them in your store the same day.

The Stackables System uses intelligent packaging techniques and reinforced cardboard to safely and effectively ship your Tropicals directly from Florida.

STACKABLE being loaded with Hort Couture product

In addition to improving our system, Hort Couture Plants also reduced our minimum order size to one pallet. Shipping costs are based on a full 96” tall, “stacked” pallet. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with the Stackables System. Plant cost includes all packaging and order assembly.

Contact your Eason, Gloeckner or McHutchinson reps for details and ordering information.

Visit Hort Couture Plants for online ordering and to see our full Tres Chic Tropicals collection.


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Sid Raisch said...

This type of distribution is revolutionizing the ability of a retailer to differentiate while managing inventory levels to fit store traffic.