Saturday, June 22, 2013

Look Out 2014... Here We Come!

Hort Coutue continues to gain momentum in the market with IGC's that realize the value of exclusive genetics, cool merchandising and fun ideas. The search for new and exciting plants is a very rewarding part of what I do. For 2014, we have some amazing things coming your way but one product is special. We are proud to introduce our new VIOLA HIP HOP.

As big box retailers and growers continue to over produce, underprice and devalue our industry, it gets harder and harder for small businesses to compete. A classic example of this is the Easter Lily... old fashion, sold at every grocery, pharmacy, hardware and big box retailer... over the years it has become a product that the IGC depended on for early spring sales to something that many now do not even offer. Hort Couture has an amazing new plant that we hope will be THE NEW plant for the garden center for Easter... VIOLA HIP HOP. Fun, easy to grow and very unique. We hope it will give the IGC something great to talk about, attract customers to their stores in early Spring and bring back profits to their bottom line. Beyond the excitement of finding new plants, the opportunity to acts as an advocate for the small garden retailer and constantly searching for way to help them is a priviledge.

I hope this Easter that you will find Viola HIP HOP at your local garden center and make it a new tradition for your family and keep your money in your local community!

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