Saturday, May 17, 2008

A visit from Sompob and Barry

We had a great visit this week from Barry Yinger of Asiatica and his partner in his Thailand Nursery, Sompob. We spent much time discussing new Caladiums for our Taste of Thailand Caladium Program and other new plants. We ordered Sompob foods like Ribs, BBQ, Chicken Wings, Fried Trout and other local favorites. He was very willing and I think enjoyed his visit very much. Barry is one of the world's leading plantmen. He is responsible for many well know plants in the nursery trade. He was the director of new plants for Hines Horticulture for many years and worked for The National Arboretum and Brookside Gardens in a similar capacity. His knowledge is incredible and I really enjoy spending time listening to his travel stories and realizing his passion for finding new plants. He is a treasure. The world of Horticulture in the United States would not be the same without Barry Yinger.

We visited our Talcott growing facilities (a mess with shipping season in full swing!) and the Beckley garden center. Lot's of fun!

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