Friday, May 23, 2008

Beautiful Begonias for 2009

Lois Burke

Begonias are great mixers for the modern mixed container. Bold textures, exotic flowers and easy care make these true Hort Couture Plants. Look for this category to grow in the years to come. Great for “Shady Lady” combination planters.

Soli Mutata




There are many new Beautiful Begonias that we will be offering for 2009. Begonias are great for pots or baskets that get partial or indirect sun. Covered porches, kitchen tables and shady beds are ideal for these gorgeous selections. Begonias offer great bold texture, unique leaf coloring and, in the case of 'Bonfire', incredible flowers. 'Bonfire' has been a huge success in its second year in the north American market. Developed by Anthony Tesselaar in Australia, there is no finer plant for hot summer color in baskets or planters. Unique! Other varieties such as 'Marmaduke' and 'Escargot' offer incredible foliage and texture. Check out the pics here for more.

Most of our recommendations on Begonias have come from Chris Baker of Bakers Acres Greenhouses in Ohio. Look for more interesting new Begonias in the years to come!

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