Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sophisticated New Gerbera

Hort Couture has a great relationship with renown Dutch breeder Lekkerkerk. The breeding at Lekkerkerk is the hottest program on the planet for cool new gerbera for the potted crop market. You will be amazed by what you will see from this program over the next three years!
The SOPHISTICATA line is a new bi color mix that is sensational. This is an exclusive product through RAKER for 2010. Not only are the flowers hot but the plants are a joy to grow.

There are also several other genetic lines that are very exciting. The double EYECATCHERS are the easy, large flowered doubles in electric colors. Wow is all you can say about this program.

There are also very cool new single colors such as PINK PANTHER. Spider types, Mini types for 4" pots and many other products are in the line.



puck said...

I love gerbers. They are my favorite. I am hoping to find someplace to buy more of your plants. I got the Juncus from Earl May in Lawrence, KS. They said they only had a couple of your plants as a trial and it would be years before they got in more.


Jim Monroe said...

The response of years is weird. I am not sure who they are or who they purchased from...

There are several retailers around KC that carry our products. Family Tree is another one I think.

Thanks for the comment!

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